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Managed Fieldtrips

Residential & Single Day Trips

Programmes for all ages

Residential or day ecology trips with:

Supervision and guidance with our experienced tutors

Our qualified and experienced tutors lead the activities in the field and manage the logistics for each day. Every residential day includes an evening lecture to summarise the theory, ensure comprehension and introduce follow-up graphical or statistical analyses. Albion Outdoors staff will accompany your group during the fieldwork sessions. At all other times we are a phone call away should our help be needed.

Habitat variety and guides

Choose from a wide range of suitable habitats within Northumberland with all access agreements in place. Your students will be provided with booklets to enable data collection, results analysis and a guided conclusion to ensure comprehension. All materials are linked to your particular specification.

Risk assessment and emergency plans

Be confident that all relevant risk assessments and emergency plans are in place. You will be provided with site-specific risk assessments for all the habitats we work in. These have been approved by Northumberland County Council. If booking from within Northumberland our risk assessments are available on the County Council EVOLVE booking system. From outside Northumberland we will supply these directly to you.

Specification linked activities

Prior to you visit we will discuss your activity preferences. Every trip then has a unique itinerary designed to cover the necessary techniques, data collection, analyses and comprehension activities to cover your exam board specifications. We can also help with the 'prescribed practicals' and can cover the requirements of all the exam Boards.

Relevance to the real world

Participate in national research. The data you collect will feed into local and national biological surveys, giving your students an understanding of the importance of biological work and career opportunities. Students will appreciate the importance of field research in conservation management through our links with bodies such as the Forestry Commission, Wildlife Trust, Northumberland National Park and the Environment Agency. Visits and talks by such organisations are often incorporated into a visit.

Data collection equipment

Use a range of high quality equipment to perform all the relevant biotic and abiotic measurements including quadrats, nets, anemometers, light meters, hand lenses, soil test kits and flow meters.