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Research Projects

Albion Outdoors works closely with conservation bodies within Northumberland.

We always incorporate an on-site discussion of the management for conservation of each habitat. Depending on availability, we can often organise talks from the Environment Agency, National Trust, National Park, Forestry Commission.

Wherever possible data collected in fieldwork will become part of wider databases such as ERIC and OPAL. This gives students a very real idea of the relevance of such work and of potential careers.

MICCI project

Funded by Northumberland National Park schools are encouraged to 'adopt a bog'.

A MICCI day involves:

  • Discovering species unique to the special mire habitat
  • Going back in time 1000s of years with a peat core and discover the importance of data from bogs
  • Learning about the importance of bogs and how they soak up CO2 from the atmosphere.

The MICCI project may be subsidised for schools and is suitable for all ages please enquire.

MICCI Monitoring Indicators of Climate Change Initiative

RSNE Red Squirrels Northern England.

Albion Outdoors completes bi-annual surveys in the Kielder area to monitor population changes of the red squirrel. Students get involved in fieldwork by completing cone transects to contribute to information on population size changes.