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About Albion

Inspiring Knowledge in Nature

We organise fieldwork trips for schools

Albion Outdoors aims to:

  • Simplify fieldtrip planning for teachers to enable more trips to happen
  • Enable students to understand the wider importance and relevance of biology
  • Inspire students with an understanding of ecology and knowledge of the natural world

Albion Outdoors is run by biology teachers with over 50 years combined expertise in teaching ecology outdoors, designing courses to meet exam board criteria and managing large numbers of pupils in the field.

We have extensive experience of organising and running trips and can greatly reduce the administrative pressure teachers' face when planning to take students out of school.

Albion Outdoors works in collaboration with Northumberland National Park Authority, the Forestry Commission, Northumberland Wildlife Trust, the National Trust, the Environment Agency and private landowners to offer a wide choice of habitats to study.

Our tutors are committed to making ecology accessible and to improving the provision of outdoor learning opportunities in Northumberland for students.

Contact us for a teachers' information pack.

Deborah has taught High School biology in Northumberland for 16 years. She is currently involved in research into squirrel population dynamics with Newcastle University, Red Squirrels Northern England and Northumberland National Park Authority. She enjoys using her Forest School accreditation with young people in Northumberland National Park and Redesdale Woodcraft Folk. Deborah entered the education field following a background in biology field research and environmental work. After graduating with a degree in zoology she initiated and led vegetation mapping in Swaziland, studied secondary rainforest re-growth in Ecuador, participated in UK bird surveys and studied cetacean by-catch in the Atlantic tuna fisheries. She has extensive experience of organising and running biological fieldwork, educational trips and outdoor experiences with children, including a month long expedition to Venezuela.

John is an experienced biology teacher with a particular love for plants. Before entering teaching he worked at Kew Gardens in both taxonomy and horticulture. With an MSc in Ecology he has written various habitat guides and articles on data analysis in ecology. He has worked closely with Moorbank Botanic Garden in Newcastle developing resources for A-level biology. John has been a long standing panel member for the grant awarding Sustainable Development Fund administered by Northumberland National Park. John is also a fully qualified and insured archery coach and runs archery sessions for public events. He has helped organise and lead fieldwork in Northumberland for almost 30 years as well expeditions to India, the Alps and S. America. He is a firm believer in the concept of sustainability and believes that a re-connection with nature is both fulfilling and gives us a sense of identity.

Lizzie is an experienced botanist and field biologist with 40 years of teaching experience behind her. As coordinator of the Allen Valleys wildlife group, she is involved in developing a series of wildlife activities to raise awareness and increase understanding of the richness and diversity of the Allen Valleys Area. She is particularly keen to engage young people in appreciating their environment. Lizzie is currently compiling a photographic record of the local flora with a view to identifying areas worthy of local site status. She does voluntary work in Teesdale, Weardale and Allendale , surveying and identifying the flora of those areas.